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A holistic Approach


The Self-Empowerment Network gives RSI the opportunity to empower residents from a holistic standpoint.

Taking a Holistic approach to self-sufficiency and community development will allow RSI to do the following:

Address Client Issues From the Root - This platform  is design to influence the residents Minds, giving them direction, their bodies, giving the information resources to improve their health and their spirits, uplifting their spirits and energy level.  At this level of empowerment residents better prepared to improve their lives and become self-sufficient.

Install Prevention Components - In addition, When RSI observe certain trines with in a community, they can begin installing prevention components that informs and makes residents aware of the trend and what they can do to improve or present it. The monthly news letters is a perfect opportunity to install the “Prevention Component”.


Help clients to take Personal Responsibility and Accountability for the success of their lives - In most cases a case worker does not have the time to address all a one clients issues.  This plat for  is to allow residents to address their own issues.  Meaning, Taking a holistic approach allows residents to begin the process of taking personal responsibility for addressing their own issues.

Work Together as a Unit - it allows RSIs departments to come together as a unit, sharing their information resources with one another and making it easy for Residents to navigate from From Family Support to CAS to PAC and so on.   Taking a holistic approach will empower clients on many level to prepare them personally and professionally for success in the 21st Century.



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