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Quality Media Production & Web Publications

2. Consistently Communicate & Connect with Staff & Residents

The Self-Empowerment Network will allow RSI to effectively present, communicate and connect with their Residents and the business community.  In addition, RSI will build a brand new presence and energy in the community.

Once residents are signed up, RSI can effectively communicate and connect with residents on a regular basis. This can be done via... the Websites’ survey and suggestion forms , RSI Monthly Newsletters, follow-up emails and text messaging.

At this level RSI Can Effectively Communicate and connect with Residents in 3 major ways:

  1. RSI can effectively communicate their services in more detail to their residents.  In addition, RSI can provide residents with addition resource information that may assist them.
  2. Residents will receive a monthly electronic newsletter containing important information that relates directly to their specific needs and goals.
  3. If RSI needs to communicate and connect 65 thousand residents within 24 hours, they could, with SEN’s text messaging component.

Moreover, since some residents may have limited literacy and technology skills, RSI meets these challenges by making it easy for residents to navigate the website.  We include videos, audios and graphics throughout the website.   In addition, the web platform includes a virtual resident navigator 24 hours a day.  This Resident Navigator is designed to assist and direct residents to the information they need.