Welcome To The Network

It is more Than Just A Website:

Powered by The Center For Mind & Esteem Development, The Self-Empowerment Network is a powerful platform that allows Maryland Residents to Effectively and Efficiently achieve 4 major goals and objectives.  They are:
  1. To Provide Easy Access to Information for Clients & Staff
  2. To Effectively Communicate & Connect with Customers
  3. To Engage & Empower Self and the Community
  4. To Develop Stronger Partnerships with the Business Community

Easy access to information and resources is one of the biggest challenges that Maryland Residents face today. The Self-Empowerment Network is designed to bridge that gap. After Residents receive the postcard, all they need to do is log on to the website and start to access the power of Maryland Resident Services Self-Empowerment Network, which is an Information Resource Center.